Our Team

Brian Sanya Mondoh

Founder and Group CEO

Brian is a dual-qualified advocate, practising as a Barrister of England and Wales (Non-Practising) and an Attorney-at-Law in Trinidad and Tobago. An expert on anti-money laundering, crypto asset recovery, and financial regulatory compliance, he frequently advises on these matters internationally. His research on digital asset regulation, Decentralised Autonomous organisations (DAOs), and Decentralised Finance (‘DeFi’) is widely recognized, with features in SSRN’s Top Ten list and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Computational Law Report.

Brian’s scholarly work explores the use of AI, blockchain and smart contracts for achieving trust and transparency in public procurement, and is noted for its impact on legal tech and business automation. As the Director of CryptoMondays Caribbean, he leads a global community of over 14,000 members, which includes entrepreneurs and entities in fintech and emerging technologies. His leadership is instrumental in guiding discussions on navigating legal compliance, managing technological risks, and formulating effective market strategies. His involvement in policy development and legislative discourse in various jurisdictions has established him as a leading researcher and respected voice in the domains of legal technology and business.

Keniel Ledgister

Financial Crimes Expert and CryptoMondays Caribbean Regional Director

Keniel Ledgister, the Regional Director for CryptoMondays in the Caribbean, is an Internal Revenue Services (‘IRS’) Attaché with a robust two-decade background in financial crime investigations, including money laundering and tax evasion. His experience in counterterrorism and organised crime, along with his expertise in complex financial inquiries, positions him as a key figure in the fight against illicit financial activities.

Specialising in the nuances of cryptocurrency, Keniel plays a crucial role in guiding the IRS Criminal Investigations’ response to emergent financial challenges. In his capacity as an Attaché, Keniel fortifies international partnerships, offering specialised training and fostering collaboration to prevent cross-border financial crimes effectively. His strategic oversight extends to enhancing international law enforcement cooperation, underlining his commitment to safeguarding financial integrity in the region.

Kaitlin Argeux

Partner & Global Growth Director

Kaitlin, a prominent figure in the web3 community, is the Founder and CEO of CryptoMondays London, a premier monthly meet-up fostering web3 knowledge and networking. Expanding her influence, she now also manages growth and global partnerships for CryptoMondays Caribbean. As Publisher for Blockbeat, part of City AM, she extends her reach with a readership of nearly 2 million. Her role at Cudos as Head of Events and experience as a Web3 Marketing consultant, with clients like Nym Technologies and Blockchain Lex, showcase her marketing, event coordination, and community-building skills. Since entering the blockchain sector in 2017, Kaitlin has become a specialist in crafting web3 communities and driving industry connections.

Saelese Haynes

CryptoMondays Caribbean Ambassador, Trinidad and Tobago

Saelese Haynes, an accomplished civil Attorney-at-Law, boasts over 12 years at the Bar in Trinidad and Tobago. As the CryptoMondays Caribbean Ambassador for Trinidad and Tobago, she is at the forefront of integrating blockchain technology within the legal sector, enhancing the legal frameworks around business and innovation. In addition to her role with CryptoMondays, Saelese is the founder and Head of Chambers at Titan Chambers, established in 2018 with the aim of delivering innovative legal solutions and client-centric service. Her expertise in corporate and commercial law is pivotal in providing general legal counsel, corporate secretarial, and compliance services to local businesses. Saelese is passionate about implementing projects that streamline business processes, increase legal compliance, and promote female entrepreneurship and equity within the professional community. An energetic advocate for higher standards and diversity in the legal and technology sectors, she has been recognised in Trinidad and Tobago’s ‘Top 40 Under 40’ ministerial award for her impactful contributions as a young professional.

Gabrielle Gay

CryptoMondays Caribbean Ambassador, Barbados and CARICOM

Gabrielle Gay is the CryptoMondays Caribbean Ambassador for Barbados and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). In addition to this role, she is the founder of the Erline Bradshaw Foundation—the leading education foundation in Barbados. Through her leadership, she has spearheaded the Caribbean’s most comprehensive and globally recognised education programs, positively influencing over 10 million leaders, students, and professionals in Law, Literacy, and STEM.

Gabrielle’s early initiatives, including the Gabrielle Gay Award for Excellence in Reading and the Femme Lex Cohort, have established critical educational infrastructure and mentorship opportunities, extending to over 115 schools and reaching beyond 500,000+ professionals and students. Recognized as the Sustainable Development Champion for Education in the Prime Minister’s Office, Government of Barbados, Gabrielle’s roles with UNICEF, the United Nations advisory groups, and as an ambassador for the OECS underscore her impact on education. Her efforts have earned her numerous leadership positions and accolades, showcasing her as a pioneering Education Futurist and a leading voice in shaping the future of education in the region and beyond.

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