Expert-Led Speaking Engagements

Blockchain Lex Group is internationally recognised for delivering impactful and insightful speaking engagements that demonstrate our commitment to legal technology innovation. Our founder, a well-established thought leader, has consistently steered the industry conversation and influenced policy through a profound understanding of blockchain complexities.

Service Highlights and Evidence of Impact

Influential Scholarship and Publications

Our team’s authoritative works on Decentralised Autonomous Organisations and crypto assets regulation have steered the conversation in notable publications such as the Slovenian Law Review and Bitcoin Magazine, serving as a cornerstone in academic and professional reference.

Legislative and Policy Contributions

Our active engagement in policy discussions has directly influenced the crafting of progressive legislation, exemplified by consultations on the UK’s Electronic Trade Documents Act 2023 and draft UK legislation that would confirm the existence of a “third” category of personal property, demonstrating our capacity to turn expertise into actionable legal frameworks.

Educational Initiatives

Through launching endeavours like CryptoMondays Caribbean and the Femme Lex (CARICOM Sponsored) Technological Academic Programme in Barbados, and collaborating with the Girl Power Talk Foundation in the USA and India, we are dedicated to mentoring the next generation of female tech professionals, reflecting our commitment to knowledge-sharing and industry advancement in blockchain and its intersection with emerging technologies.

Expert Speaking Engagements

Our team’s sought-after presentations at prestigious forums like Cambridge University, City University (London), Nottingham Trent University, the University of West Indies, Jamaican National Television, Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), and Bitcoin Unleashed delve into a spectrum of topics, from crypto asset regulation to the subtleties of blockchain and Decentralised Finance (DeFi).

Distinctive Features of Blockchain Lex Group's Speaking Engagements

Tailored Content for Diverse Audiences: Our presentations are customised to suit the interests and expertise levels of various audiences across different industry sectors.

Varied Engagement Formats: We offer a range of formats including keynote speeches, panel participation, interactive workshops, and more, ensuring a perfect fit for your event’s objectives.

Depth of Expertise: With a profound understanding of the crypto and blockchain space, our speakers provide comprehensive and authoritative insights.

Dynamic Engagement: Our sessions engage audiences with real-world case studies and thought-provoking discussions, encouraging active participation and knowledge retention.

Practical Application: We emphasise practical strategies that attendees can apply directly to their operations, empowering them with tools to navigate and thrive in the dynamic crypto landscape.

Actionable Takeaways & Support: Post-event, we provide attendees with resources and follow-up support to implement the strategies discussed, enhancing the value of our engagements.

Experience Elevated Learning with Blockchain Lex Group

Engaging with Blockchain Lex Group for speaking services means partnering with a leader in legal technology, offering a clear, forward-thinking perspective that not only educates but also equips audiences to succeed in a complex legal environment.

For event organisers, booking a speaker from Blockchain Lex Group is a seamless process, ensuring you have the right thought leader to elevate your event.

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