British Virgin Islands Financial Services

Blockchain Lex Group offers specialised services tailored to assist businesses in navigating the complexities of the British Virgin Islands’ legal and regulatory framework. Our expertise is aimed at ensuring your company’s seamless establishment and ongoing compliance in this renowned jurisdiction.

Our Suite of BVI Services:

Registered Agent and Office Services

Establish a professional presence in the BVI with our dependable registered agent services. We connect you with respected local agents, ensuring your business fulfils all legal requirements efficiently.

Company Incorporation Services

We simplify the incorporation process for your BVI company, providing guidance every step of the way to ensure compliance with local laws and a swift setup, allowing you more time to focus on growing your business.

Directorship Services

Our directorship services are available to suit your business needs, offering expert oversight whether you require an individual director or a corporate directorship structure, ensuring your company is guided with experience and integrity.

Corporate Administration and Secretarial Services

Leave the day-to-day administrative tasks to us. Our team delivers comprehensive support, fostering operational fluidity and adherence to BVI regulations without overwhelming your internal resources.

Financial Services Commission (FSC) Licences

Gain clarity and support in acquiring the necessary FSC licences. Our advisory services streamline the process, from understanding the requirements to submitting a successful application.

Economic Substance Services

We provide assistance to ensure your BVI entity satisfies economic substance requirements, demystifying regulations and keeping you compliant.

Company Dissolution Services

If the need arises to dissolve your BVI company, we manage the liquidation process meticulously, including all necessary BVI Registry filings, to ensure a dignified and compliant closure.

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